Figure Drawing at the Gorilla House

Figure drawing is probably one of the most important exercises an artist can do. Even if their end goal isn’t to work from the figure, drawing it from life is excellent practice for training the eye in proportion and training the hand in gathering the crucial information quickly. It’s also a great place to try out different techniques and play with materials.

I used to get out to figure drawing once a week. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a regular outlet in my new city, but was delighted to find out recently that the Gorilla House offers drop in figure drawing weekly. I was a little rusty, but here’s some of what I did.

figure drawing

We did a bunch of two minute poses to warm up, then started in on the fives. I started with conte,throwing down some mass and then putting some line work over them.

figure drawing


After a few five minutes we had some ten minute poses. This one was also conte, blocking in the shadows and then picking out some lines with the edge. I used some chalk to throw some highlights in at the end.

figure drawing


After a break we did a couple of twenty-five minutes poses. I did the first in pen in my sketchbook. This was the second, done with pencils and chalk.

It was a lot of fun getting back into it, so I hope I’ll be able to fit it into my schedule again soon. Thanks to the Gorilla House for putting it on!



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